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What Are Cookies and How to Delete Them

If you are at all familiar with the Internet then you have certainly heard the term “cookies”. What are cookies exactly? Cookies are small text files that are sent by websites to your web browser as you surf the web. They store information about your visit to their server, what you looked at, what type of ads you may have clicked on, authentication information, preferences that you may have chosen and user names and passwords that you may have created. Cookies that are saved on your computer can communicate with the website if you visit again in order to save your preferences, show you new ads and ease your access to the website with things like auto-save user names and passwords.

However, as you visit more and more websites you will receive more and more cookies. Cookies use up RAM and Hard Drive space. Therefore, many people like to delete their cookies every so often. Keep in mind that when you delete your cookies familiar websites will not remember your passwords or other information any longer.

Different web browsers have different methods of deleting cookies. If you Internet Explorer v6.x and up for Windows XP/2000 or Windows Vista you can delete your cookies by going to the Tools menu in Internet Explorer and selecting Internet Options. In the General tab of Internet Options click on Delete Cookies and follow the prompts.

If you are running Firefox then you can delete cookies by selecting Clear Private Data from the Firefox Tools menu. You can then choose from a variety of options of private data that you wish to be deleted, including cookies.

If you use a different web browser then you can find out how to delete cookies by looking in the help section of your web browser.

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