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Defragging Your Hard Drive

If you have noticed that your computer hasnít been performing to its full potential then it may be time for defragging. Defragmenting your Hard Drive is one of the simplest ways to increase your PCís performance and, therefore, it is very important that you defrag your Hard Drive on a regular basis.

Fragmenting occurs in your Hard Drive overtime as you save and re-save files. The first time you save a file your computer chooses a storage location based on the size of the original file. However, as you save and re-save and the file grows in size it may become too large to fit into this original storage space. As the file grows, your computer splits it up into two or more pieces and separates it into different storage locations on your Hard Drive. This is known as fragmentation and can adversely affect the performance of your PC. Therefore, it is important to defrag your Hard Drive regularly. If you use your computer a lot you may even want to do it once a month or more. Luckily, defragging is an easy process.

In order to start defragging your computer, simply mouse over Programs in the Start menu. Then hover with your mouse over Accessories, then System Tools and finally click on Disk Defragmenter. If you are using Windows XP a dialogue box will appear with a list of all of the drives on your computer. Highlight the drive of your choice and click Analyze.

The Analyze function will check the drive for fragmentation and if fragmentation is found you can click on Defragment in order to defragment the drive. If you are running Windows Vista you may also defragment your drive with the Disk Defragmenter. However, Vista also incorporates a Disk Defragmenter system which works in the background, defragmenting your computer as the need arises.


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