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Changing the Keyboard Layout and Language Settings on Your PC

Windows gives you the opportunity to change your keyboard language and layout to virtually any language or layout you may need. You can change from the English QWERTY layout to the English Dvorak layout or input a new language.

Input languages are included with Windows, you simply have to add them. 

  1.  Click Start --> Control Panel --> Clock, Language and Region --> Regional and Language Options

  2. Click on the Keyboards and Languages tab and then on Change Keyboards

  3. Click Add under Installed Services

  4. Find the language and text services that you want to add in the list and double-click on them.  When you are finished, click OK.  You may need to restart your computer for the settings to take effect.

Once you have inputted the languages and keyboard settings that you want to use it is incredibly easy to switch back and forth between languages and keyboard settings as you work.  To change the language all you have to do is click on the Language Input bar on your tool bar.  The Language bar appears automatically on your tool bar when you input language settings.  Feel free to move the Language bar anywhere on your screen.  From the Language bar you may choose from any of the language and keyboard layout settings that you chose earlier when you inputted languages.  If you don’t want the language bar to appear on your toolbar it is easy to minimize or close.

  1. To minimize the language bar, right-click on the bar.  Then click on minimize to reduce the bar to a small icon on the toolbar.

  2. To close the language bar, right-click on the bar.  Then click on close to remove it from your desktop.  Removing the language bar does not remove the text services that you have applied.


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