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The Goal and pupose of connectionstech is to provide a one stop place for everyone to find answers to common computer questions. From "where can I buy parts?" to "how do I run scan disk?".

I have been a computer technician for 15 yrs., and a Web developer for the last 15 yrs. There have been time when I was looking for a part, or trying to explain to someone how to run scan disk, and realized there wasn't one site I could go to for all the information I needed. So I decided to build one.

The site content will be added to on a regular basis. First I have to get together vendor ads that are reliable. If they are "shady" I won't put them on this site. If you have trouble with any of the companies on this site please email me.

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I want this site to be for you! So your input is vital!

So....welcome to our site, take a look around..and tell me what you think!

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